4 Things to Know Before Replacing Your Windows

4 Things to Know Before Replacing Your Windows

Are you considering replacing the windows in your home in the near future? There is plenty of research to consider when making a purchase that will affect the
property value and energy efficiency of your home. Below you will find four different topics to consider before making your replacement window purchase.

1: Energy Efficiency

Things to know before replacing your windows

No matter if you choose wood, fiberglass, or vinyl windows, you can count on a well made product because- we wouldn’t settle for anything less. The replacement windows we install for Pittsburgh, PA, area homeowners are:

  • Custom-created specifically for your home, ensuring a perfect fit that eliminates drafts
  • ENERGY STAR® certified, so they will help to reduce thermal transfer into and out of your home, making your home feel more comfortable year-round
    and helping to reduce monthly energy bills
  • Available in an array of styles and colors to suit your specific aesthetic preference
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty that covers both the windows and the labor


2: Contractor Research


Don’t believe buy 1 get one free adds or no interest loans. Nothing is free. After 12 months no interest banks charge a lot of money. Take a moment to look at Specialty Window and Door’s Facebook, Angie’s List, and Google reviews. We have over 30 years of experience in the Pittsburgh region and are ready to help you any way that we can. By providing a lifetime warranty on the windows and labor, we believe in the work that we do. Contact us today to set up a free consultation.


3: Consider Your Long-term Plan
How long will you be living in your current residence? Do you plan to sell the home in the next 5 years? 10 years? Knowing your long-term plan will help you decide the appropriate course of action when it comes to replacing your windows. If your long-term plan is to sell the home then you will want to make sure that the windows have a visually appealing aesthetic. Having new windows installed to your home will also increase the property value. If your long-term plan is to stay at the home and you prefer a unique appearance then you could go with wood windows, which allow for much customization. Having the windows replaced on your home can create a powerful visual impact, so keep that in mind when deciding how to proceed.

4: Warranty Research
Window manufacturer warranty information can be drastically different depending on the manufacturer chosen. For instance, some manufacturer’s warranty will only cover the replacement of the parts, not the labor. At Specialty Window and Door, we offer a lifetime warranty that covers both the windows and the labor. This will keep you safe while also ensuring you get the best product for your purchase. If you are interested in purchasing replacement windows and doors for your home before winter comes, contact Specialty Window and Door today for a free consultation.